Chip Tickets, When is the BEST time to BUY Airline Tickets


Buy Airline Tickets – Find out How YOU can SAVE a $100 bucks or more.

Everybody wants to know how you can get inexpensive airline tickets. On the other hand, only a few people today know precisely tips on how to get these low cost airfares.
The goal of this swift report is usually to show you some of the simple tricks on how to get affordable airline tickets.

Some of them you may already know and some of them, you could possibly not. In any case could be, this article is a definite start line on your path to find out the many secrets on tips on how to get inexpensive airline tickets.

“Every single day Airline companies send out hundreds of discounted promotional deals, if we know its advantage to us getting chip flight ticket.”



- To find low cost international airfare. Most Visited Travel Site don’t always have cheap airline tickets to offer by digging more so we can compare each site and get the best airfare tickets, it is easy to done this by using Flight Network  BookingBubby, CheapOAir or Expedia. After all we don’t whip out our credit card at the first good deal and later find out the better one. Another way to get chip online airline tickets is to visit Less Well Know Airlines. It’s a nature of competition unpopular services or products will come in low price, but with the same quality of service. “It is important to look at several different sites because not all of them will have the same price points.” Using A Travel Agent is particularly useful if you are traveling on business or with a larger group of people because they have the inside track on cheap last minute deals and access to low cost international airfares that aren’t available on the internet. A good travel agent can save you money and make planning your trip a hassle free experience; something that even the best online sites can’t offer. Be sure to shop around when looking for a good travel agent because once you find one they are worth using every time you travel. Local Carriers, this is particular airlines that serve a certain country or region. Check with travel agencies that, again, specialize in a particular destination. They will normally have some form of discount agreement in place with the local airline that allows them to offer discount airfares that cannot be found anywhere else. Calling Airlines Directly can also score you big savings on your airplane ticket because most airlines run internal specials that they don’t actively advertise. Compare Small and Bigger Airlines, small airlines usually offer cheap airfare price with the same comfort compared to bigger airlines.


-Can save us money in many destinations offer discounts on accommodations and airfare. Airlines are offering bigger price reductions to fill empty seats. Off-season can vary depending on where you wish to travel but it is a good time to save some money on travel costs.

“I mean really cheap, it can sometimes go for 50% lower than peak season prices” Experience Traveler and Yahoo! Contributor Network, Harry Baguio.

Note : There are discounts that will work for certain restriction like advance purchase or night reservation


-Everyday at MIDNIGHT all the Airlines Ticketing Databases are updated with the new days airfares, where we can get highly discounted tickets for all class. Online travel site like CheapOAir and FlightNetwork databases are update with the same manner. Deals are first come first serve.

How do you get these tickets? Set your alarm (at midnight) and call the airlines ticketing service centers early in the morning and ask, what kind of deals they have and see if it fits your travel budget.


-Airlines generally offer cheaper fares if you choose to travel in the middle of the week, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday and if you return on those same days you can also see more savings. Based on trends, travelling on these days are cheap because most business travelers usually take trips during a Monday or a Friday.


-If time is not particularly important in your trip, choose flights at inconvenient times. Taking a schedule at extreme times of the day will give you more savings. Do not pick between 9AM and 6PM.

“When I fly Air Asia, if I take a 6pm flight out of Kuala Lumpur the flight is always at least $30-60 more than the 9:30pm flight. Needless to say, I always take the later one.” Experience Traveler and Yahoo, Contributor Network, Cassandra James


-Early planning for your travel is one of the most essential that will lead you to get cheap airfare, in most cases the same ticket that is expensive e.g. $500 bucks 6 months from now may be purchased right now for a measly $300; flying companies have this tactic in order to sell just enough tickets to cover the flight costs initially and then increase the price to maximize profits. Take full advantage of “early bird” specials they normally publish 6 months or so in advance. Airlines normally raise their prices significantly 14 days before a flight because by then most people who are traveling are set in their plans and will pay the premium price. Obviously the closer you purchase your tickets to your travel date the higher the cost.

Exception to this rule and that involves traveling around major holidays and other high demand travel times. The airlines know the demand will be there so they can charge premium prices for their tickets. The one exception to this is being flexible enough to actually travel on the actual holiday, such as Christmas or New Years day.


-Can offer great savings. Vacation packages offer cheap flights or discount air fares along with saving on accommodations. One of the best places to find this type of deal is with all inclusive cruise packages.

“Although you’ll be paying for the whole package, it’s certain that you’ll get the best ticket prices from airline ticket to the hotel you’re staying.” Experience Traveler and Yahoo! Contributor Network, Harry Baguio.

“I booked Air Asia owned Tune Hotel for 2 days which I included in my travel package, I enjoy entire package for only $205, which meant my hotel for two nights within the middle of Kuala Lumpur was only $20. An excellent deal along with a inexpensive method to possess a fast holiday.” Experience Traveler and Yahoo, Contributor Network, Cassandra James


-Families can potentially get savings when traveling together by simply calling an airline and inquiring about family deals. It comes down to the basic premise of supply and demand. If someone is looking for a single ticket, the airline will be less inclined to extend any savings measure, but when a family aims at purchasing several tickets on one flight, an airline would rather have this deal than let those tickets go to another airline. Competition often drives some great deals, yet the airlines won’t advertise these offers to the general public very often. They rely on full price tickets and extras, such as baggage fees and premium seating, in order to make as much money as possible on every ticket sold.


-Fly regularly it’s better to check your favorite airline for special deals.

“I frequently fly from Thailand to Malaysia generally on Air Asia. So, each morning as I used to surf the web, to check any inexpensive airline tickets. It’s so effective to stumble upon, I across a sale that was totally free tickets, I’m just had to spend the tax. I managed to obtain a round-trip ticket from Bangkok, Thailand to Hanoi, Vietnam for the inexpensive cost of $28.” ” Experience Traveler and Yahoo, Contributor Network, Cassandra James